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The Perche forests are the attraction of this region. Large majestic and prestigious trees rise on hectares and make the happiness of walkers and mushroom lovers in autumn.

Bellême Forest is 5 mins from the Belforest

The state forest of Bellême counts among the most prestigious oak trees in France.
Located southwest of the Perche Regional Natural Park, the forest spreads out on a plateau notched by valleys, at the north of the city of Bellême and the south of the village of Eperrais.

It is composed mainly of broad-leaved trees complemented by a few conifers on sandy slopes, is home to a network of wetlands and has more than fifty ponds.
Its streams are important breeding sites for Fario Trout.



The Perche is also its small cities of characters, its manors and castles, its old water mills.

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Small cities of characters

  • Mortagne-au-Perche
  • La Pérrière  
  • Bêllème
  • Longny-au-Perche

The mansions

  • The Gauderbière manor in Mauves-sur-Huisne
  • The manor of La Pellonière in Le Pin la Garenne (tél :
  • The manor of Soisay in La Perrière   ››› Plus d’infos
  • The manor house of Courboyer in Nocé whitch houses the Maison du Parc (tél : 02 33 25 70 10)
  • La Vove manor house in Corbon
  • The manor of Vauvineux in Pervenchères


  • Château du Tertre in Sérigny
  • The castle of Lonné in Igé
  • Feugerets Castle at the Souef Chapel
Churches and basilicas
  • The Basilica of the Montligeon Chapel
  • The former Benedictine priory of Sainte-Gauburge
  • La Trappe Abbey in Soligny la Trappe

Parks and gardens

  • Garden of the ‘Bois du Puit’ in Bellême
  • Garden of ‘Montperthuis’ in Chemilly
  • ‘Jardin des Perrignes’ at Cour Maugis sur Huisne
  • ‘Jardin François’ in Perche en Nocé

Few links :

 →  Parc naturel du Perche

→  Orne tourisme



There are many restaurants in Le Perche. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places where you can find gourmet restaurants and local cuisine around Belforest.

restaurant, wine, glasses


  • La Croix d’Or(le Pin La Garenne) :  6 Rue de la Herse, 61400 Le Pin-la-Garenne . Contact : 02 33 83 80 33

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  • La Verticale (Bellême). Contact : 02 33 25 67 16 

›››  More informations

  • La Maison d’Horbé (La Perrière)    La Grande Place – La Perrière, 61360 Belforêt-en-Perche. Contact : 02 33 73 18 41   

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  • Le Relais d’Horbé (La Perrière) La Grand Place – La Perrière, 61360 Belforêt en Perche. Contact : 02 33 25 95 44 

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  • L’Auberge des 3 J  1 Place du Docteur Paul Gireaux, 61340 Nocé. Contact : 02 33 73 41 03

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Some must-haves
  • Chocolat maker Charles Bataille (Maître chocolatier à Bellème) 14, Boulevard Bansard des Bois , tél : 02 33 73 41 02
  • Les Cadres noirs Percherons à Bellème
  • Ice maker, Glace’art, Gérard Taurin, 38 Rue Sainte-Croix, 61400 Mortagne-au-Perche
  • Organic Bakery (La Perrière) 171 La grande Suardière  (organic production and traditional bakery et Boulangerie à l’ancienne) 02 33 83 53 29 

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  • The Savonnerie de la Chapelle in Bellême,

*Photos come from the tourism office of Bellême

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